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Development of CRM software

CRM software development and business automation․ These tools allow you to optimize the management of different areas of business and control, saving labor and, as a result, the budget spent on business management. Without philosophy. With a concrete example of incomprehensible words like KPI, IRR, PBGI, we will show how much a small trading company saves by optimizing business processes through our programmed CRM system.

The customer has asked us to automate the business management process. The working mechanism is as follows. The manager collects orders from the store, registers them on paper, sends the applications to the office, the senior manager registers the orders in the 1C system, collects the documents, sends them to the warehouse, makes the delivery schedule, manages to control the work of only three managers.


The result of CRM implementation

As a result of automating the process of receiving, processing, approving orders, developing tools for the manager, introducing control mechanisms, we got the following picture.

  1. We have improved the performance of managers. Now they manage to serve 30-50% more stores.
  2. We have reduced the cost of senior managers by five times to organize the work of one manager. Now, instead of three, each of them manages to control 15 employees.
  3. We have saved 50% of the working time of the head of the company, we have reduced the financial losses.
  4. The customer reimbursed the cost of CRM preparation services within 16 weeks only through the salary fund savings account.

Crises, high competition, personnel problems make small and medium enterprises think about the need for optimization and CRM implementation. First of all, entrepreneurs try to find ready-made projects. But experience shows that licenses, the development of new tools in such programs are much more expensive than business automation from scratch.

Parallax Group offers not only website development, but also the development of individual management software, complex CRM systems running through the web interface and business process automation. Our management and CRM systems do not require a license, servers, or regular maintenance.


Ready-made software or your own CRM?


Why order a personal CRM if you can buy ready-made software? Many companies sell ready-made solutions for a monthly or annual fee. But it is better to create the program in accordance with the business than to adapt the business to the ready-made template. Developing a CRM system is much more expensive than ready-made software, but here you pay for it once.


We develop business automation and data management systems from scratch. This means that we can create a CRM system to solve your business optimization and management problem.

  • We study business, we analyze processes
  • We compile the technical description of the automation program
  • We make CRM models and design
  • We program the CRM system from scratch
  • We hand over the copyrights of the programs to the customer
  • We provide warranty service for 1 year


Order a custom CRM system

To automate your business, we can develop CRM software of various complexities, from customer database management software to software with complex data processing modules (big data) for complex administrators with different powers. Individual CRM software is needed for companies whose business process automation requirements do not fit into the existing framework of existing CRMs, or who want to get rid of the monthly fees for each user with a single investment. We hand over the prepared programs to the customer with all the copyrights.

We prepare CRM software for the following areas and functions:

  1. Customer database management
  2. Warehouse and product management
  3. E-commerce data processing, management, analysis
  4. Cargo transportation meters and management
  5. Management of educational institutions
  6. Agricultural data analysis and management
  7. Menu cost and income calculation
  8. Automation of oil refining companies
  9. Management of real estate databases: brokersTrade Process Managers, Shipping Management

Development of CRM software

Starting from 2,500,000 AMD ($5000)

Price includs

    1) We study business, we analyze processes

    2) Compile the technical description of the automation program

    3) Compile CRM models and design

    4) We program the CRM system from scratch

    5) We hand over the programs with all copyrights to the customer

    6) We provide warranty service for 1 year