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Generative Design in Fusion 360


It is difficult to imagine modern engineering without the use of new technologies and modern software. 
Very often, engineers have to solve a number of problems such as the cost of manufacturing products, material consumption, how to increase the structural integrity and increase the life of products, how to reduce the weight of the structure while maintaining strength and etc.

What is Generative Design, what benefits does it provide in Fusion 360
You will learn the answers to all these questions at the webinar, where you will get acquainted in detail with Generative Design and Fusion 360. 

Prepare your questions for the Q&A session, which will be at the end of the webinar.


The language of the reports is Armenian.
Meeting place- Google Meet
Meeting time- 19:00-21:00

Key Topics:
- What is Generative Design

- Generative Design in Fusion 360
- How you can reduce your production cost with Generative Design
- Increase productivity


Speaker - Aram Balasanyan
- Engineear
PhD in Engineering Science
- Autodesk Authorized Instructor (Parallax Group)

You cannot register because the event is over : 2021-03-19