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Fusion 360 Generative Design: Manufacturing Methods & Constraints


We kindly invite you to participate in the webinar ''Fusion 360 Generative Design: Manufacturing Methods and Constraints’’, where we introduce a new conceptual approach to engineering design at Generative Design. We will learn about Generative Design tools in Fusion 360 software, as well as a real example, how to design details using these tools and prepare production with 3D printing technology.

The language of the reports is Arminian.
Meeting place- Google Meet
Meeting time- 19:00-21:00


Key Topics:
- Generative Design in Fusion 360. New conceptual approach to design
- Generative Design tools - process with a specific example of detailed design
- Preparation of the designed part for 3D printing
- Demonstration of the final result

Levon Misakyan

- Automation Engineer
- Autodesk Certified Instructor (Parallax Group)

Anushavan Vardanyan
- Design Engineer

You cannot register because the event is over : 2021-06-24