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Autodesk Fusion 360 Essentials for Teachers & Students


Dear teachers and students!

We are pleased to inform you that we are launching a free basic course in Fusion 360 software for teachers and students on October 25-30.

The aim of the course is to train the teachers and students of the educational institutions, to get acquainted with the functional and technical capabilities of the Fusion 360 software in favor of the development of engineering education in our country.


The language of the course is Armenian
Duration - 24 hours (1 week)
Meeting place - Google Meet
Meeting time - 19:00-22:00
Limited number of seats


Required condition:

- Certificate from the educational institution
- Mail you need to specify Gmail


Upon completion of the course, all students will receive an Autodesk International Certificate.


Key Topics:
- Fusion 360 CAD
- Fusion 360 CAE
- Fusion 360 CAM (Additive Manufacturing)
- Generative Design


Course program


Levon Misakyan
- Automation Engineer(Areguni)
- Autodesk Certified Instructor (Parallax Group)

You cannot register because the event is over : 2021-10-20